Brownie Awards 2018 Finalists

CBN and Actual Media thank all those who submitted projects for consideration. Finalists for the Brownie Awards 2018 were announced on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

Legislation, Policy & Program Initiatives

Presented by: Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP

Projects or programs that:

  • Remove barriers and/or facilitate brownfield redevelopment, reinvestment and regeneration
  • Provide models of excellence that can be applied or replicated by provincial, regional or municipal governments
  • Stimulate new investment or facilitate collaborative partnerships to implement vision for intensification and improved ROI for public funds


  • ERASE CIP 2018, Hamilton, Ontario
  • Excess Soils Bylaw Tool, Ontario
  • Kingston Failed Tax Sale Properties, Kingston, Ontario

Sustainable Remediation & Technological Innovation

Presented by: Jacobs

Projects or programs that:

  • Demonstrate leadership and innovation in environmental soil remediation
  • Promote economic in-situ solutions that avoid broader environmental impacts
  • Incorporate ecological principles through pilots designed to go mainstream
  • Encourage use of innovative, cost-effective technologies that shift perceptions in the marketplace


  • Avenir Centre Sustainable Remediation, Moncton, New Brunswick
  • Cates Landing, North Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Petremont-Gerled Project, Varennes, Quebec
  • Smouldering Combustion Demonstration Project (Toronto Port Lands), Toronto, Ontario

Financing, Risk Management & Partnerships

Presented by: XCG Environmental Engineers and Scientists

Projects or programs that:

  • Rely on innovative approaches to obtain capital financing for the purposes of economic and ecological regeneration (i.e. use of public/private partnerships), public incentives to leverage investment
  • Facilitate innovative solutions to mitigating process risk


  • Bentway, Toronto, Ontario
  • ERASE CIP 2018, Hamilton, Ontario

Project Development: Building Scale

Presented by: Milestone Environmental Contracting

Projects or programs that:

  • Demonstrate excellence in site specific responses to public policy initiatives that accelerate the pace of regeneration resulting from development
  • Promote an enhanced public realm; successfully leverage opportunities for collaboration and policy integration across different sectors
  • Combine imaginative adaptive reuse of heritage structures that promote health and well-being


  • Broadview Hotel, Toronto, Ontario
  • Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Pier Development by Pinnacle International, North Vancouver, British Columbia

Project Development: Neighbourhood Scale

Presented by: Ontario Association of Architects

Projects or programs that:

  • Stimulate neighbourhood-scale reinvestment
  • Use adaptive reuse of heritage and other structures to encourage integrated multi-phased redevelopment
  • Demonstrate high levels of collaboration; inspire many land owners and investors to engage with community support of a shared vision
  • Promote comprehensive neighbourhood transformation by re-envisioning the public realm, and improving functionality, liveability and character


  • Greystone Village, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Kip District, Toronto, Ontario
  • Zibi, Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec

Communications, Marketing & Public Engagement

Presented by: The Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Projects or programs that:

  • Successfully package municipal reinvestment plans and programs for regeneration and/or brownfields redevelopment in support of a community’s competitiveness and long-term sustainability
  • Demonstrate innovative approaches to build support for public/private investment and development designed to achieve intensification through redevelopment, regeneration and other reinvestment strategies
  • Introduce a brand that enhances acceptance and understanding of brownfield redevelopment, regeneration and reinvestment


  • Carcross-Tagish Management, Carcross, Yukon Territory
  • ERASE CIP 2018, Hamilton, Ontario

Best Small Scale Project

Selected from all finalists.

Best Large Scale Project

Selected from all finalists.

Best Overall Project

Presented by: Kilmer Brownfield Equity Fund

Selected from all finalists.

Individual Achievement Award:

Brownfielder of the Year Award:

Recognizing and individual who:

  • Has a reputation as a champion for brownfield redevelopment
  • Promotes a better understanding of brownfields as strategic assets
  • Invests exceptional personal effort to further the cause of brownfield redevelopment

The Brownfielder of the Year Award recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of an outstanding individual in the industry. This year’s winner is Chris De Sousa, a professor at the School of Urban and Regional Planning at Ryerson University, and a member of the CBN’s board of directors. He is currently finishing a three-year research project examining how brownfield properties are redeveloped in Ontario. This research, as well as previous studies he has undertaken in both Canada and the United States, has been instrumental in the development of policy and governance for brownfield remediation and rehabilitation. De Sousa has also been instrumental in completing the 2018 Review of the Status of Brownfields in Canada study, with the results to be released at the Brownie Awards.

Chris De Sousa
Brownfielder of the Year, 2018