The Pier 8 redevelopment is a neighbourhood scale redevelopment on reclaimed industrial land on Hamitlon’s waterfront that includes the creation of 4.9 ha of parklands/public space accessing the waterfront, 2.7 ha of new roads, and 5.4 ha of residential, mixed use, and institutional development as 9 separate development blocks.  Dillon Consulting Limited worked collaboratively with the City of Hamilton on the redevelopment strategy to ‘de-risk’ the site through navigation of the RSC process while preparing the site for redevelopment and eventual transfer to the private development community.  This included a number of strategies to increase the efficiency of the process while simultaneously increasing the market value of the development blocks and the return on public investment.  Overall value to the City results from the facilitation of the building of a new vibrant waterfront community complete with waterfront parkland, new municipal roads, and the necessary supporting infrastructure to lead to a wider renewal of Hamilton’s recreational waterfront and adjacent downtown core.  This community renewal is expected to generate further private investment and development in this precinct of the City.